F2 Foot Force Insoles

F2 Foot Force Insoles
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F2 Foot Force Insoles SIZING NOTE: These insoles are not made in 1/2 sizes. You should order the size down - not up. In other words, if you have a size 9.5 boot you should order a size 9 insole.

F2 Foot Force Insoles for Duty and Work Boots

The F2 Foot Force Insoles are specially designed for work boots, duty boots, and work shoes. You know the fatigue and lower back pain that result from extra hours of standing, walking and running. You also know that conventional insoles don't hold up in a hard work environment and eventually lose their cushioning. The F2 Foot Force Insoles are designed to relieve lower-back ache as well as fatigue in feet and legs under extra stress.

  • High Density Polyurethane Foam footbed never loses it's cushioning
  • Mini Air cushions absorb shock at heel and ball of foot
  • Arch and Heel Stabilizer provides motion control and fatigue relief.
  • Allow you to be more active, move more easily, and stay on your feet longer.
  • Fit Reebok, Converse, Florsheim Occupational Footwear and Duty Boots

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