Peet Portable Boot Dryer with AC/DC Plugs

Peet Portable Boot Dryer with AC/DC Plugs
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Peet Portable Boot Dryer M04P

Peet Portable Boot Dryer

  • The Go! Portable Peet Boot Dryer is travel friendly,shoe loving, Bacteria killing and better than ever.
  • The Peet UV helps kill odor causing bacteria while drying those soggy pair of boots or shoes.
  • It leaves your footwear fresh and dry, ready for your next adventure.
  • Peet Boot Dryers are safe for use on footwear and gear made from nearly any material: leather, canvas, rubber, vinyl, cloth, plastic and all modern fabrics.
  • This Peet portable boot dryer has been enhanced with Peet UV.
  • This boot dryer is now black instead of white, and now comes standard with a 12 volt car adaptar and a travel carrying pouch included with every boot dryer.
  • Great dryer for hunters, campers, or anyone on the go that wants dry boots the next day....

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