AR670-1 Compliant Boots

AR670-1 Compliant Boots
AR670-1 Compliant Army Boots

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All Boots below are AR-670-1 Compliant Army Military Boots

AR670-1 Requirements:
  • 8-10 Inches high
  • Tan flesh out cattlehide leather
  • Plain Toe and sole matching color of the upper
  • Rubber or polyether polyurethane outsole
  • Sole will not exceed 2 inches in height when measured from bottom of sole.
  • Sole will not extend up the back of the heel or over the top of the toe
  • All leather upper or leather and nonmesh fabric

    Note: Unit Commanders can enforce AR670-1 to a more restrictive nature than above. Please check with your command if you have any questions about a particular boot being worn in your unit.

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